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Red Gate Campground

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Name Red Gate Campground
Address 136 Red Gate Farms Trail, Savannah, GA 31405
Overall 4.8


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As nap time and check out approached at the koa at mile 1 in Georgia we pulled out and headed north to Red Gate Campground. At about 100 miles site to site the ride is an easy interstate trip, which is a perfect toddler napping stretch. Little did we know at the time, but we were heading to one of the nicest private campgrounds that we’ve ever been to.

Pulling into the campground, you’ll notice that there are no trees in the center, but it is rimmed by trees. All the sites are back-in, but we’ve never had more room to back in - it was a little strange, but in a good way. Additionally, all the sites that we saw were 50 amp. The campground does offer the 30 amp converter plugs for free to borrow - so no need to worry about power here.

The campground has more amenities than we’ve seen at any campground - except Fort Wilderness. There is a pool, awesome playground, fishing pier, and recreation room. Additionally there is a house with a kitchen, living room, showers, and laundry that are completely at your disposal. Every outbuilding there was well maintained and clean.

While the campground was awesome - it was not the reason that we went to Red Gate Campground. We choose the campground because it is very close to [historic downtown Savannah]. In about 15 minutes we could be in the heart of the city. While we drove everyday, we didn’t need to. If we had wanted to lug the stroller around we could have taken one of the tour buses into town as it had a stop in the campground.

Red Gate Campground is a solid choice and we would go there again if visiting Savannah. So much so that we would not even consider any other campground in the area. This is even truer as our boys get older and can use the facilities more than we did on this past trip. There’s something called a toy barn that we didn’t even enter for fear of an ever expanding Christmas list. istmas list. stmas list.

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