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Celebrating one year on Pi Day

The Jupiter 67 company turns one year old today - yea! Being the nerds we are, we incorporated on March 14, 2017. It started with Jupiter67 Company being the main company name. My Job Maps came at the same time and is an application that Dan is creating for small service businesses to track their customers. Shraderland Designs was then created and is Jessie’s decal business through Etsy. Camping Coder is the camping blog that Dan writes (and Jessie proofreads) that is part camping journal, part tech blog, and part customer review. Gisty is a gist manager - think Evernote for code - that was created by Dan after his gist manager couldn’t provide everything he needed.

We’ve had a busy year and we can’t wait to see what the next year brings for us! As a celebration, Shraderland Designs will be reducing the costs on all State Adventure Trackers by 10%, so if you want to track your adventures in Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, Illinois, Arkansas, Texas, or Oklahoma, head over to www.ShraderLandDesigns.com to check out the designs!

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